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A complete upgrade on one of the clients main thermoforming lines.

This included removal of the existing 160” calrod oven and control system and replace with an efficient ceramic top and robust panel heater bottom oven with integral clam style opening frame work. 

The overall oven length was reduced from 406cm to 203cm resulting in immediate energy savings.   Cycles (shots per minute) were increased by some 50% from 15.2 to 23.4, making Line 1 the fastest machine not only within the factory - but within the client organisation as a whole.

Ceramicx heaters combined with the new heat control system have all but nearly eliminated maintenance at the plant - with only 4 heater replacements in some 26 months of operation.   In addition; downtime, scrap and heat-up times at the client factory have all decreased; resulting in a very quick return on investment.

In terms of operations the machine operator has complete machine visibility through two 38cm touch screen HMIs.

Ceramicx infrared heat consultants worked with long-term associate and USA heating expert Weco International who also performed the following upgrades at the client company: 

Complete extruder controls, chrome roll, dancer bar accumulator. Supply and commission of a 3 axis Yaskawa servo control for the sheet index and tool platens.

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