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Massive energy-saving breakthrough for inline thermoformers

Ceramicx has just confirmed 40% energy savings for a thermoforming customer’s infrared heating system when compared to a conventional heating system on an identical thermoforming machine.

Thermoforming Energy Savings by Ceramicx IrelandWe report here on an independent study, commissioned by Ceramicx and conducted by Dr. Robin Kent of Tangram Technology Ltd – Consulting Engineers for Plastics Products that measured the detailed differences between the two plastic thermoforming systems.

Direct comparisons between two thermoforming lines at the customers were undertaken using identical tools, products and cycle times.

The Ceramicx based heating systems showed a decrease in the average power drawn from 56.16 kW to 32.85 kW, representing a 41.6% reduction.   Figures were also taken that showed a direct comparison between the two oven systems. With the machine base loads removed, the Ceramicx system then showed a measured energy saving of 45.8%. Additional study work undertaken showed that yet further improvements and energy savings would be available using the new Ceramicx-based system. (Please see below for more data)

Thermoforming Breakthrough by CeramicxBoth machines were directly comparable and both are part of two in-line and fast cycling systems at the customer, loaded with the same tools both making the same polystyrene-based products for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and food service markets.

The Ceramicx infrared oven has a total of eight temperature sensors built into the system. These can be selected individually or grouped for control purposes. Additionally the heaters can be subdivided into as many as 132 separate zones, thus giving a wide range of control options.

The Ceramicx oven system features upper and lower heating platens together with power control systems, enclosures, switchgear, and PLC control. The control systems offer the processor a choice of both open and closed loop control, together with cost-saving procedures in start-up and fault monitoring in addition to inline process energy control.

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