The value of exhibiting

07 November, 2017

Ceramicx recently enjoyed a very successful two days of exhibiting, networking and marketing at the UK’s Advanced Engineering Exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC, 1-2 Nov 2017.

It was a pleasure to meet friends old and new, to trade stories at the parish pump, sieve and digest the rumour mill and to also take the temperature of UK manufacturing at first hand.

Our own Peter Marshall figured among the exhibition highlights; making a compelling – and well-attended – case on the second day of the show for the Infrared (IR) curing of carbon composites.

I never tire of pointing out that today’s industry has, to date, only scratched the surface of what is possible through IR heat technology and methods.  Events such as this increasingly popular Birmingham show give great opportunity to reiterate this message.

Ceramicx was also able to use the show to network and consolidate our relationships with fellow NEC exhibitor Trinity College Dublin. Ireland’s manufacturing base has, in truth, come on in leaps and bounds in the life of Ceramicx, is now among the highest producing, per capita, in Europe and is also well placed for an increasing level of peer-to-peer trade with the UK. TCD’s Advanced Engineering department is surely correct in lifting its horizons and marketing beyond Ireland. Ceramicx wishes the University every success in the UK marketplace.

When ‘push comes to shove’ many manufacturing businesses such as ours will always find reasons for turning down the opportunity to travel and remaining at home.

However, only so much business can be taken care of within the factory walls. Ceramicx is perhaps unusual in that the past ten years have seen us adopt a very proactive stance to our international marketing. We have to – we export to over 60 countries worldwide.

Once out there the benefits are surely obvious: The prospect of new business and new contacts is always on the agenda; the face to face client contact yields infinitely more information than phone or email, and the discipline of selling the company and its services is a valuable reminder of our core services and competences. essentials.

Next month Ceramicx repeats this process in Orlando, Florida, where we exhibiti at the USA’s Composites and Advanced Materials Exhibition – CAMX, Dec 12-14. Our exhibition booth at the Orange County Convention Centre will see Ceramicx partnered by our US distributor, Weco International.

Our composite based sales in the US have been strong this year. Weco and Ceramicx are very much looking forward to sharing our cost-effective IR heating technology with many new US businesses across all sectors of industry. For us, the ‘feet on the street’ approach is the best way to make this happen.


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