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Shanghai here we come!

19 April, 2018

Ceramicx supplies new services and facilities

By Frank Wilson, Ceramicx Founder and Director.

Myself and Ceramicx Production Manager Patrick Wilson are delighted to be exhibiting Ceramicx once again at the 32nd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (Chinaplas 2018) Shanghai.

Next week you will find Ceramicx in the European Halls in the exhibition’s new and bigger venue – the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai.

Thanks to the great work of our agent Mr Xu Shan and distributor Mr Peter Lee of GSAE Ceramicx sales in China are booming – no question. We expect to be very busy through the whole week.

We have some new attractions to offer: This year sees a first in that Ceramicx welcomes our proprietary IR test oven technology to the show and to the Far Eastern market place. For some time now our Chinese manufacturing contacts have expressed a need to test and validate the performance of various target materials – polymers included - under various kinds of IR heat source.

The new Ceramicx test unit brings all three types of IR emitter (short, medium and long wave) into one handy housing. The oven includes controls, sensors and instrumentation to fully measure inputs and outputs and to thus measure and predict the build and performance of many kinds of heating systems and machines.

The new IR heating test machine will answer these needs and we will leave it with our distributor GSAE after the Chinaplas show next week after which we understand that it will tour other Asian markets such as Malaysia.

The Chinaplas exhibition becomes more international with every passing year. Ceramicx has meetings on the stand next week with our Japanese and Indian distributors. We expect to be in discussion with many other countries in addition to our core target markets in China. 

Ceramicx has grown its market in China thanks to our world-class production values and performance. Our future growth there will depend on supplying further quality goods and services – enabling our valued distributor GSAE to offer more options to builders of machinery and to the Chinese industries of all kinds – plastics, paints, foodstuffs; automotive; aerospace – anywhere where heat work is critical and can make the difference between profit and loss.

Our sales of IR heating emitters and components of all kinds continue to thrive and rise  – the current total is some 15% increased from last year.

This year’s Chinaplas exhibition area is expected to exceed 320,000 square meters - 30% more exhibition space than that of the 2016 edition of the show in Shanghai. It is recently reported that this month’s Chinaplas is now anticipating some 180,000 visitors. The new venue; expanded facilities and ambitious programme all imply a high-tech feel to the exhibition going forward.

For a full profile of the GSAE team and preview of Ceramicx at Chinaplas 2018 please click here in the latest issue of Ceramicx HeatWorks Magazine.




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