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Around every corner – IR heating

03 October, 2018

Around every corner – IR heating

As the Autumn chill begins to take hold I am reminded that rarely do I enter a public space without taking a professional interest in how that built environment is being heated: Airports, train and bus stations, shops and malls, theatres and sports arena - the need to take care of human comfort is age-old and inexhaustible.

The Ceramicx infrared comfort heating range of products is our response to that core human need. It complements and informs our mainstream industrial work and it also challenges our capacities for design, innovation and manufacturing.

Our good friends and UK distributors of Ceramicx comfort heating products – Herschel Infrared Heaters – have lately been taking their cameras and smartphones out onto the UK High Street; rounding up some of their recent successes in the marketplace.

Congratulations are due to both Herschel and also to the vision of their blue chip customers who – consciously or not – are helping to lead the way in the adoption of IR heat technology – clean, green and energy saving.

High Street pharmacy company, Boots, for example, has installed the black Aspect XL heater, ceiling and wall mounted in order to deliver an effective and lower-cost solution for staff and customers. The designer, zero light Aspect XL, directly heat people where they are working and also provides a rapid warm up solution – two factors that have made the XL the heating system of choice.

For some time now, Costa Coffee has been the UK shopper’s location for downtime, social meeting and, of course, for coffee drinking! The chain has chosen the features and benefits of Aspect XL in order to service a number of draughty outlets. The discrete aesthetics of the product, together with its easy control and proven comfort have been winning aspects.

All Saints busy fashion shop in Central London naturally enough sets a premium on every single visual aspect of their store. The high-end design of the Aspect XL is perfectly at home and easily suits the contemporary feel and design of the environment.

Herschel Infrared Heaters have worked hard in bringing the benefits of IR heating to this demanding and discerning audience. There is a great breadth of choice in heater finish, mounting options and the ability to focus the heat just where you want it. The Retail Sector case for adoption of Infrared heating is therefore very compelling.

Ceramicx designed and manufactured the Aspect XL, shown below for Herschel. Needless to say, our IR heat systems are very stylish in-situ; and easy to install, with minimal disruption to busy high street outlets and making customers and staff immediately warm and comfortable in spaces that are difficult to heat by other means.

As Autumn turns to Winter I fully expect that interest and demand will rise in relation to heating solutions for public spaces. And with every passing year the case for Infrared solutions becomes ever clearer and irrefutable.

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