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Ceramicx IR heat testing for materials – quick and convenient

22 October, 2018


To measure is to manage,’ as I have noted here on many occasions. A simple measurement – or test result – can make all the difference between green lighting profitable innovation and/or pre-empting manufacturing disaster.

At Ceramicx we set very great store indeed by empirical measurement and testing of all kinds. All of our ceramic-based heating elements, for example, come supplied with their own detailed birth certificate and thumbprint; obtained through our semi-automated testing systems. Product traceability and quality are woven into the fabric of all our business and so it should be for all manufacturers.

We endeavour to further preach this measurement gospel by supplying Infrared (IR) heating test oven facilities and systems throughout the world. Thanks to Ceramicx hardware and software the USA, China and Turkey all offer materials testing contract services across the three main IR heat emitters; short, medium and long wave.  

Material testing is indispensable to the right selection of IR emitter for the right material and the right process. Nothing beats it.

Which is why Ceramicx now has great pleasure in introducing a new Portable Test Stand for the IR heat testing of materials. The equipment is now available from Ceramicx and is aimed at manufacturers with a sizeable proportion of heat work within their businesses.

The Portable Test Stand allows for quick and consistent testing of various materials. A number of long, medium, and short wave Infrared emitters are fitted into a modified Projector Aluminised Steel (PAS).

The PAS device is easily attached to the test stand. The various emitters face down and heat a material that is placed on a stainless steel mesh. The distance between emitter and material can easily be adjusted between 50mm and 200mm, in 50mm intervals.

The test stand allows the user to quickly determine the most suitable type of emitter and heating distance for a specific material. It does this with consistent results thanks to the simple and repeatable test protocol.

The specification is as follows:

2 x 800W Black Ceramic SFEH

2 x 750W Quartz FQE

2 x 750w Tungsten QTS

Recommended voltage – 230V

Maximum current – 7A

Due to the varying qualities and wavelengths of an infrared emitter- together with the molecular composition of any target material - all materials behave differently when heated via Infrared sources. 

Optimum heating conditions can therefore be obtained by using a suitable wavelength emitter to heat a specific material.

The Ceramicx Portable IR Heat Test Stand is available from the company. Contact us directly for availability and shipping.

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