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Composite Curing Ovens

Ceramicx infrared heaters are suitable for many composite heating and curing processes. These include thermoplastics, vacuum bag only/out of autoclave and debulking. The infrared parameters are adjusted, tailored and employed to leverage best process yield, energy efficiency and part quality.

Carbon Fiber Heating System For Aerospace

With the growth of dry fabric infusion in the aerospace structure industry, our client needed an innovative solution to increase composite testing,

Long Wave Composite Curing Oven

Ceramicx developed a composite curing oven, which was embedded in a robotic press cell for a variety of composite systems.

Drape Forming

The Ceramicx hot drape forming or preforming machine is designed and optimised for heating, debulking and curing out-of-autoclave (OOA) materials.

Composite Pre-Heat Oven

This oven allowed the customer to pre-heat their composite materials, allowing them to process their materials more easily with very accurate control. The materials absorbed the infrared energy best from our SFEH black element.

Internal Curing of Aircraft Stringers

Ceramicx have developed a novel heating system for the curing of thermoset resins in the manufacture of composite aircraft stringers.

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