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Equipment Outline

The Ceramicx manufacturing philosophy is fairly simple and concise. We do it all here. We provide an end to end solution starting in R&D defining the correct infrared emitter for your material or process and providing a proposal that can carry through to an oven/equipment build. 

Our belief is that by keeping all the creative and production elements surrounding the Infrared solution in house, we are able to give you the buyer a product which we know intimately and which we are entirely responsible for.

We mould and fire all the IR ceramic heaters and elements through our clay and oven technology which we have invested in over the years. We have also invested heavily in our lab, people and in metals fabrication and milling and many other work stations in order to be able to meet most needs for applications engineering involving infrared heating.

Not only do we make it all here - we test and validate all our production.  For example, each and every ceramic-based infrared heat component that you buy from us has its own unique heat performance profile that links to its serial number and can be accessed and reviewed online by you the customer.

From design outline to CAD/CAM and full production we at Ceramicx the expert industrial heat consultants have all the elements needed for your Infrared heating design and specification.  Please don't hesitate to contact us direct with details of your project including any specialised projects that require developing specialised industrial heaters or heaters for industrial processing.  We provide a wide range of products for industrial use including projectors, reflectors, clam shell ovens, and control systems.

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