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Industrial Ovens

Ceramicx’s industrial ovens draw on the company’s vast experience in applications engineering and ‘heatwork’ development. Our ovens are custom designed to each and every customers’ needs be they short, medium or long-wave. This choice is always material and process dependent, however the installed power is always specified according to our rule: ‘As much as necessary, as little as possible’.

Thermoforming ovensConveyor ovens High temperature ovens

  Specialised ovensTest and R&D ovensComposite curing ovens

Not only are Ceramicx’s ovens controlled and regulated using high grade PLC controllers, PID loops, all the data can be stored and made available for future analysis

Ceramicx’s products are used in a wide variety of processes from thermoforming food containers to high grade over-moulded aero structures.

Control Systems Our ovens can be produced to fit within existing frameworks or can be fully standalone systems capable of integration within further machinery.

Infrared is used in many industrial heating application offering great efficiency in heating and targeting specific materials rather than using air. The emission wavelength varies with the element type and power and is shown in the spectral analysis section

Fast response heaters such as halogen and tungsten are used in particular carbon fibre operations that require penetration and medium temperatures. Conversely, ceramic heaters are used in areas, which require less rapid response time or lower power densities.

If you require a more modular, standard solution see our Fast IR and Modular heaters.

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