Industrial Ovens

Heaters for industrial processingOver the past number of years Ceramicx industrial heat consultants have been making steps towards becoming a specialist OEM manufacturer. The company has built capacities and capabilities both in its machinery and people to facilitate these steps. The company retains the capability to machine, turn and manufacture items from the smallest to the largest components. The company also holds the electrical capacity and capability to design and program PLCs from multiple manufacturers including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Cannon Automata and specialist Infrared Controllers such as Hetronik which we recommend with multiple Infrared applications. The company has retrofitted and built numerous specialist machines whose focus is infrared heat processing from custom infrared ovens, to infrared furnace and infrared panel heaters. Some of our key customers for machinery and equipment include companies such as Aston Martin, Corning Glass, Rolls Royce, Thermotite, Applica, Solo Cup, HP, Alfa Laval and many more besides. View our extensive range of heaters for industrial processing

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