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I2E2 Technology Centre

Infrared Heat Consultants Ceramicx Ireland is the first indigenous manufacturing SME to get involved in the energy technology centre. The companies involved thus far are multinationals such as DePuy, Intel, HP, Bombardier, Aughinish Alumina and many more. The primary mission of I2E2 is the Identification, development and implementation of world-leading research and innovation focused on assisting Irish manufacturing companies to reduce, on a sustainable basis, both the cost and the associated environmental impact of their energy usage. The vision is to be a Centre of Excellence in Ireland which is recognized as a European and global leader in directing energy research and innovation for manufacturing industry in the areas of efficiency, management and sustainability.

  • Compressed Air Systems: From generation, through distribution and usage, developing and implementing techniques to deliver the optimal efficiency.
  • Appropriate Working Environments: Delivering the required environmental conditions, when and where they are required, with minimum energy consumption.
  • Energy from Low Grade Heat: Development of new techniques to deliver heat recovery opportunities and emission reduction.
  • Dynamic Power Use: Methodologies to deliver dynamic control of key utilities.
  • Eco Energy Parks: Supporting the development of sustainable industrial parks.

Ceramicx resigned its directorship of I2E2 Summer 2012. For more information please see www.i2e2.ie

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