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ICMR Technology Centre

Ceramicx Ireland is the first indigenous manufacturing SME to get involved in the manufacturing technology centre. The companies involved thus far are multinationals such as Intel, Vistakon, Bombardier, Seagate and many more. The primary mission of ICMR is to develop a manufacturing industry led research and development program delivering breakthrough solutions which provide incentives for high technology companies to invest and reinvest in Ireland. The vision is to further enable Ireland to be the location of choice for advanced manufacturing through industry-led research.

The research projects currently being undertaken some of which Ceramicx Infrared Heat Consultants are involved in include the following:

  • Tacit Knowledge Management: The capture, storage, and effective rapid redistribution of tacit knowledge.
  • Sustainable Mathematical Modelling: Development and delivery of sustainable intelligent decision support systems for tactical and strategic analysis.
  • In-line Variability Management: The quantification, identification, and resolution of sources of manufacturing system variability
  • Dynamic Sampling Metrology Systems: Development of methodologies for the implementation of dynamic sampling on a large scale in high volume manufacturing facilities.
  • Component Modelling for Failure Prediction: Establishment of methodologies to accurately defining the remaining life of a key component thus minimizing the impact on production through unplanned down time.
  • Module Modelling Through Virtual Metrology: Research into methods of controlling a processing module via a combination of sensor data, parametric data, and mathematical modeling techniques.

Ceramicx resigned its directorship of ICMR Summer 2012. For more information please see www.icmr.ie

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