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Composite Moulding

Ceramicx have developed an extensive, research-backed portfolio of heating systems for the composite industry. These include thermoplastic composite thermoforming, preforming and hot debulking and out of autoclave composite curing. Our specialist knowledge ensures that the processing parameters are adjusted, tailored and employed to leverage best process yield, energy efficiency and part quality.

Composite Thermoforming

The use of thermoplastic composites has seen significant growth in recent years. Ceramicx’s extensive offering includes solutions for in line thermoforming, vacuum forming, and specialist composite thermoforming solutions.

Composite Preforming

Ceramicx have carried out extensive research into optimal processing parameters for thorough heat penetration through carbon fibre stacks and has led to the development of the Vector.

Composite Curing

Ceramicx have delivered a range of composite curing machines to eliminate expensive and slow autoclaves has resulted in an enhanced focus on out of autoclave (OOA) composites.

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