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Lean Start

LeanStart is an Enterprise Ireland program which provides an introduction to Lean concepts and allows you to gain an understanding of what the tools and techniques can do for you and your company in a short focused engagement. The initiative is designed for companies that are unfamiliar with and lacking capability in business improvement methodologies such as lean and/or best practice methods specific to particular business sectors (e.g. “Agile” in the software sector).

The program allows for partial funding in hiring a Lean consultant/trainer to undertake a short in-company assignment which will:

  • Introduce lean principles and agile processes
  • Achieve immediate cost reduction targets, and
  • Lay a foundation for future Lean or productivity improvement projects

Ceramicx Infrared Heat Consultants focused on their Quartz heating elements production area within this program and made significant improvements in the time required for the production of a single piece. The time required was reduced by approximately 20%. This has added significantly to the bottom line in the quartz area. On the basis of this program Ceramicx has started a global review using Lean principles in all areas of the factory and significant savings are being made.

The program was funded by Enterprise Ireland and the training was provided by Mr. Andrew Lynch of Andona Services Ltd. www.andona.ie

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