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Spectral Analysis

Ceramicx has been working with the University of Duisburg in Essen Germany for a number of years. The data produced has allowed Ceramicx to evolve and develop our product further as well as making more information available to help customers make a better decision when applying infrared heaters and ceramic heaters to high-tech applications.

Spectral Analysis for various Ceramic, Quartz and Quartz Tungsten Elements

Ceramic Trough Elements Ceramic Hollow Elements
FTE infrared element spectral curves

FTE 150 W

FTE 250 W

FTE 400 W

FTE 500 W

FTE 650 W

FTE 1000 W


FFEH 400 W

FFEH 650 W

FFEH 800 W

Quartz Elements Quartz Tungsten/Halogen Elements

FQE 250 W

FQE 400 W

FQE 650 W

FQE 1000 W


QTM 1000 W

QHM 1000 W

Note: These graphs may not be used in any form without permission from Infrared Heat Consultants Ceramicx Ireland


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