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Thermoforming Ovens

Ceramicx is a specialist in providing customised infrared solutions for both sheet and continuous thermoforming. The process involves heating and shaping a polymeric material into the required shape. Ceramicx ovens are tailored to the size, material and temperature requirements of each customer.

Ceramicx’s technology allows for increased efficiency, lower power consumption and better forming due to more uniform heating.

In-Line Thermoforming

Heat systems from Ceramicx have been transforming the in-line, high- speed plastics thermoforming landscape throughout the world for the past five years. 

Cut-Sheet Thermoforming

A Tier 1 automotive supplier were having some productivity issues with cut sheet process for the thermoforming of car interior liners – in this case the boot space. The infrared heating system we designed was applied to the top and bottom of the part for a specified time and ensured the IR heaters reached and remained at the required temperature set-point.

Vacuum Forming

Ceramicx supplied a Canadian customer a heating solution for their vacuum forming machine. One of the main design considerations was the amount of space that was available to put in the heating system, and the power that was required to do the job.

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